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answers IT Now Delivers Dark Web Monitoring Services through ID Agent Partnership

answers IT Offers Monitoring and Alerting of Stolen Digital Credentials, Increasingly Valuable Asset on Dark Web   answers IT announced its new Dark Web monitoring services provided through its partnership with ID Agent, provider of Dark Web monitoring and identity theft protection solutions. With Dark Web ID, answers IT offers around the clock monitoring and alerting for […]


Security Advisory: Petya Based Ransomware

You may be aware that on June 27th 2017, a new strain of ransomware has been identified that has originated in Europe and is spreading rapidly across the globe. What is it? The ransomware in question is based on the previously detected Petya ransomware and is spreading via email, through fake invoices, job offers and […]


WannaCry Ransomware

What Is It? On May 12 2017, a new strain of ransomware began spreading across the world, currently affecting users in approximately 150 countries! The ransomware in question is called WannaCry and is spreading via email, through fake invoices, job offers and other lures with a .zip file that initiates the WannaCry infection.The virus essentially […]


Black Pearl Mail – Beautiful Email Signatures

Let’s be honest, when we think about emails many of us don’t exactly jump for joy with excitement.  If you are like me, it can feel like a never-ending chore and a necessary evil, with little gain in terms of growing your business. However, when used well, email can be another voice to spread your […]


Auskey Fraud Alert

From – We have recently detected cases of identity thieves fraudulently obtaining AUSkeys linked to legitimate businesses. Once an Auskey has been allocated, access is gained to the Business Portal so that fraudulent BAS can be lodged and bank details updated to accounts that are not controlled by the entity. We were able to […]


Ransomware – Are you protected?

  Ransomware has been a threat to organisations over the past few years.  Recently, the number of Ransomware attacks has been on the rise, with strands of Ransomware like Crytolocker, Locky, CrySIS impacting a significant number of businesses.  Hackers are developing more sophisticated phishing emails and infections are spreading through outdated applications, social media and […]


Beware! Ransomware gangs are on the attack…

Once downloaded, the unwanted software encrypts any files it can find including network & server locations making your system(s) virtually useless. The perpetrator will then demand a ransom is paid in order to retrieve a key to remove the encryption. Often even if the ransom is paid, the password is never sent or doesn’t work.


Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 to reach end of life on January 12

For those running older versions of Internet Explorer, it’s time to upgrade because Microsoft is ending support for the browser.


Windows 10 is here

And you can get it for free until 29 July 2016.


Stopping the web nasties – Threat Security

Web filtering & Threat Security   This is becoming a topic of conversation with all of the latest occurrences of ransomware and malware threats on the web. We have recently partnered with OpenDNS to provide an additional layer of threat security for our clients.   OpenDNS Umbrella blocks malware, botnets and phishing over any port, protocol or […]


SynoLocker – don’t lose your data!

A new ransomware named SynoLocker which encrypts all data on Synology devices running versions DSM 4.3-3810 and earlier has been recently uncovered. When your data is encrypted by SynoLocker, it is no longer accessible and requires a payment of anywhere from $300 to $1000 to decrypt your data – we DO NOT recommend that this […]


Microsoft Fake Phone Calls

A Microsoft engineer(supposedly) tells you they have had reports of your computer being infected and by remotely connecting into your computer they can prove by showing errors in your event log.


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