Beware! Ransomware gangs are on the attack…


If you receive emails similar to the below, or you do not recognise the sender please ensure you do not click on any links inside the email or open any attachments including Word documents or ZIP files. These emails use an obfuscated JavaScript attachment to distribute Cryptowall and other variants.


AFP Ransomware email example


ATO Ransomware email example



Once downloaded, the unwanted software encrypts any files it can find including network & server locations making your system(s) virtually useless. The perpetrator will then demand a ransom is paid in order to retrieve a key to remove the encryption. Often even if the ransom is paid, the password is never sent or doesn’t work.

The best protection is to have a backup of all of your files.

For our current clients who are on Professional & Premium Managed Services plans, please rest assured that we are taking preventative measures and are now including OpenDNS as part of our packages. If you would like to know more about how OpenDNS works, please see the Stopping the web nasties article.

If you would like to discuss our managed services or what we can do to ensure your business is protected, please contact us at or call 07 3123 7929.