Windows 10 is here

Windows 10 is here. And you can get it for free until 29 July 2016.



The Start menu has returned to Windows. It combines the features of the Start screen in Windows 8, with the classic Start Menu from previous versions.  Your most-used items are listed in one column, right next to where you can now pin applications and live app tiles.


Windows 10 supports multiple desktops, similar to the “Spaces” feature in OSX. So you can have a desktop with Outlook, another with your business applications and another with your browser and easily switch between them.
Windows 10 includes Cortana (similar to Apple’s Siri) which is a voice controlled personal assistant. You can use Cortana to add location based reminders, make changes to your appointments in your calendar, and you can even ask her to sing you a song!


There are some things you may need to watch out for though such as driver and software incompatibilities, and WiFi Sense (which allows you to share WiFi passwords – and could be quite a security risk).


Windows 10
If you’re interested in upgrading to Windows 10, contact the team at answers IT and we can assist. We highly recommend backing up your data first and making confirming that all of your software is compatible before going ahead with it yourself!